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What Happens on a Riviera Maya Bull Shark Dive?

When you arrange a bull shark dive, you will be taken to our dive boat for your experience to begin.

After donning your equipment and listening to the briefing from your experienced instructor, you will descend to depths of approximately 24 meters to see the sharks in their natural environment.

The bull shark dive is an observation dive, so once on the seabed, you will kneel on the sandy bottom to watch as the sharks (plus trigger fish and remoras) swim around you. There is a rope to hold onto, to help you remain stable in the slight current.

After the dive is over, you will also be able to experience a shallow reef dive at one of the other Playa del Carmen dive sites.

Is Bull Shark Diving Dangerous?

Absolutely not. The dream of 99% of divers is to see a shark. Shark diving in Playa del Carmen is extremely safe.

Our expert staff have many years of working with these misunderstood creatures, and seeing them in their natural habitat, away from the propaganda of the movie theatre allows us to educate divers on how incredible they truly are.

Being able to see these majestic sharks in their habitat is one of the best experiences that you are going to live in diving.

It is necessary to have at least an Open Water Certification level in order to dive with bull sharks.

If you do not have it and you want to get certified, DEEP Mexico help you to obtain your scuba certification.

Absolutely amazing dive with Karo today! Saw many bull sharks on our first dive, Karo made me feel safe and at ease. Would 100% recommend this experience! Karo is a great photographer also 😁

Aiden Gaete

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