Meet: Sylvia Earle, the legendary ogranographer

Meet: Sylvia Earle, the legendary ogranographer

This American born in Gibbstown (New Jersey) in 1935, can be considered one of the great living legends of underwater exploration.

“The lady of the depths”, a nickname that has been earned by pulse because it is the person who has descended the most meters in an aquatic dive, with an autonomous team and without help from the surface.

Age 82, the Matriarch of the Underwater World and an inspiration to all. Affectionately nicknamed Her Deepness, Time Magazine Women of the Year 2017. She works tirelessly as an advocate for marine conservation and for fostering public awareness of the perils to ocean ecosystems caused by overfishing and pollution. Her work with Mission Blue (a PADI partner) and now with Deep Hope is designed to educate the public on the importance of MPAs and protecting our blue planet. She also serves as a scholar and “Explorer-in-Residence” for the National Geographic Society.

Deep Mexico and Sylva Earle have something in common an advocate for marine conservation, thats shy we admire her and follow her example by #PassOnPlastic everyday



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