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A Cenote Dos Ojos Scuba Diving Day

Dos Ojos Cenote

Open-air cenote Maximum depth of 60 meters Stalactite formations Fresh and saltwater Advanced diving level
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One of the most beautiful in the Riviera Maya

Welcome to the adventure of a lifetime! Join us for a scuba diving day at Cenote Dos Ojos and experience the magic of the underwater world in one of the most beautiful cenotes in the Yucatan Peninsula.

Of all of the cenotes in the region, we LOVE taking divers to Cenote Dos Ojos.

Its name translates from Spanish as the ‘two eyes’ due to its shape, and there are two diving pathways to explore. The ‘Batcave’ and the ‘Barbie’ line.

The Batcave allows you to surface during your dive in an air dome, filled with bats, whereas the secrets of the Barbie line, need to be seen with your own eyes, as not to give away any surprises!

The crystal clear waters of Cenote Dos Ojos offer incredible visibility of more than 50 meters. The natural formations of stalactites and stalagmites create a breathtaking backdrop for your dive. Not to mention, the incredible light beams that enter through, the water, making it glow in shades of turquoise that seem too beautiful to be real.

Diving in Cenote Dos Ojos

Our scuba diving tour is designed for both beginner and experienced divers, with expert cenote guides who will ensure that you have a safe and unforgettable experience.

Cenote diving takes you underwater in an overhead environment, so you need to be a certified diver to attend.

This is an ‘easier’ level cenote to dive as the cavern is wider, and has many air spaces to surface if needed.

Our diving expedition includes: Certified Full Cave Diver Guide, two dives, dive equipment rental, entrance fee, transportation from Playa del Carmen, and lunch.

Please let us know of any dietary restrictions when booking.

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