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Scuba dive in one of the deepest cenotes in the Yucatan

Angelita Cenote

Open-air cenote Maximum depth of 60 meters Stalactite formations Fresh and saltwater Advanced diving level
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Scuba dive in one of the deepest cenotes in the Yucatan

Cenote Angelita is a unique and stunning cenote located south of the town of Tulum. What sets Angelita apart from other cenotes in the region is the incredible natural phenomenon that occurs within its depths.

From the outside, Cenote Angelita appears to be an ordinary cenote, with crystal clear blue water and lush green vegetation surrounding it. But as you descend into the cenote, you see the eerie ambiance as you reach around 30 meters deep.

Cenote Angelita has a layer of hydrogen sulfide that creates a cloud-like formation. The cloud looks like the misty fog of a spooky Hollywood movie set, and the fallen trees that poke through add to the scary forest scene.

If you cross the dense cloud, which is about 8 meters thick with almost zero visibility, you can stop at a depth of between 35 and 40 meters in crystal clear waters again, but this time they have an amber color, making it a unique spectacle.

Below the hydrogen sulfide layer, there is a halocline, which is a phenomenon that occurs when freshwater and saltwater meet. The halocline creates the appearance of an underwater river, with freshwater on the top and saltwater flowing on the bottom.

Cenote Angelita Scuba Diving

Cenote Angelita is popular for both scuba divers and freedivers due to its open surface, great visibility and extensive depths. This cenote is around 60 meters deep in places.

For scuba diving, it is only suitable for advanced open water divers or those with deep certification. Contact us if you want to get certified on your dive trip!

scuba diving day at Cenote Angelita includes, a briefing from our experienced guides, your cenote entrance fees, tanks, full equipment rental, and weights, a light lunch with soft drinks, and transportation from your accommodation (within Playa del Carmen area) to and from the cenotes.

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