Diving in Cenotes de Yucatán is an incredible experience.

Discover the enigmatic kingdom of Chac, the god of water and the underground world practicing the interesting and magical diving in caverns.

Where do you want to dive?

The Yucatan peninsula is a large limestone and cavernous rock plain where the maximum elevation does not exceed 50 meters above sea level. The lack of mountains and other elevations causes the water does not form currents, therefore in the Yucatan Peninsula, there are no surface rivers. The rainwater penetrates the limestone rock of permeable nature forming underground deposits and currents.

Erosion effects beneath the surface of the earth formed caverns and intricate tunnels. In some cases, the erosion was so severe that it caused the roof to collapse exposing the river to the outside in certain areas that the Mayans called “cenotes” for hundreds of years.

Recently, these oases in the jungle began to reveal their secrets to expert cavers, archaeologists and geologists, who gradually unravel history, both natural and human, and have discovered that it is an infinite network of interconnected tunnels, admiring their beautiful formations of stalactites and stalagmites

Today many cenotes open to the general public to visit and divers certified to explore.

Diving in caverns

Cave diving is done all the time in spaces with access to the exit and / or air spaces, at all times you are safe under the supervision of our expert certified guides. Groups are not larger than 4 divers per Guide You need to be certified as Open Water.

Diving in caves

Special training and certification as intro to cave or full Cave is required.

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