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PADI Advanced Open Water Course

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What Happens on the PADI Advanced Open Water Course?

With DEEP Mexico, our course includes five specialty dives, including the two compulsory modules: -a deep dive, and a navigation dive. You can then choose from three additional adventure dives to further your education. Whether you choose to explore a shipwreck, focus on buoyancy, or experience a night dive, each adventure dive will challenge and excite you in new ways.

But our Advanced Open Water Course is about more than just having fun, it's about gaining a deeper understanding of the principles of diving, and developing your abilities as a diver. By the end of the course, you'll be a more confident and capable diver, ready to tackle new challenges and explore the underwater world like never before.

You'll also be certified to descend deeper, to 30 meters (100ft).

How long does the Advanced Open Water Course take?

You can complete the Advanced Open Water Course in as little as 2 days, but we recommend, doing it over 3 days. You'll also have knowledge reviews and some book learning, but not nearly as much as from your open water course.

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