Best Cenote in Tulum for Scuba Diving: 6 of our Favorites!

best cenote in tulum

Best Cenote in Tulum for Scuba Diving: 6 of our Favorites!

Tulum, Mexico is known for its extensive network of cenotes, which are natural sinkholes that provide unique and beautiful scuba diving experiences.

Many scuba divers find cenote diving to be a whole new experience, as it’s incredibly different from diving in the ocean or a lake.

As well as incredible visibility in the crystal-clear fresh waters, you’ll also be able to spot freshwater fish, various stalactite and stalagmite formations, and the extra special halocline effects.

But what is the best cenote in Tulum for scuba diving? Here is a round-up of 6 of our favorites!


The 6 Best Cenotes in Tulum Mexico


Best Beginner Cenote in Tulum

Dos Ojos Cenote got its name, ‘two eyes”, from the aerial perspective of the cave system. There are two dive lines you can swim through here, making it a great cenote diving day for beginners.

The first dive site is called the Barbie line, a 415-meter-long line, which reaches a maximum depth of 8 meters. This line is an excellent introduction to cenote diving thanks to its wide caverns, dramatic lighting, and beautiful formations.

The second dive, Bat Cave, a 300-meter line reaching depths of 10 meters provides a different scuba diving experience. This dive is in a covered cenote which has a roof, providing obstruction of the surface light. This makes the dive much darker than the Barbie line. As the cenote dive name suggests, divers surface in an air-filled cave home to many bats.

The crystal-clear waters, dramatic rock formations, bat sightings, and unique lighting make it a paradise for beginning and experienced scuba divers.

cenote dos ojos
You’ll see a world of stalactites and stalagmites on your Dos Ojos dive!

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Best Halocline Cenote Dive

The Pit is a deep cenote that offers a thrilling diving experience, from above it looks like nothing special.

As the name suggests – this cenote is like a bottomless pit, with divers being able to drop to around 30 meters. (It actually has a section for very advanced technical divers that goes hundreds of meters deep!)

Rich in history, human remains and animal bones that date back thousands of years were found in this cenote below the sulfur cloud. The hydrogen sulfide cloud is caused by the decomposition of debris falling into the cenote resulting in a thick cloud.

Outside of the cloud, The Pit cenote is known for its exceptional visibility and the mesmerizing effect of the halocline, where saltwater and freshwater layer are separated between 13-15 meters. Divers can descend into the depths and explore the spectacular rock formations and underwater caverns.

On sunny days the sunlight beams laser-like rays through the water allowing a unique vantage point from below. This dive is recommended for advanced divers because of the depth and steep vertical descent.

Most Otherworldly Cenote Dive

Cenote Angelita is a captivating cenote that features a dense layer of hydrogen sulfide, creating an otherworldly effect with fallen trees poking through the cloud. This makes Angelita the best cenote in Tulum for an otherworldly experience. Diving in Angelita feels like floating in an underwater forest.

If you cross the dense cloud you return to clear waters but you can experience the appearance of more amber shades between 35 and 40 meters. This creates a golden-washed underwater world.

Below the hydrogen sulfide cloud, there is a halocline, which creates the illusion of an underground river with freshwater floating on top of the salt water.


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Cenote Tulum
Cenote Angelita in Tulum is famed for its mystical cloud layer


Best Cenote Diving in Tulum

Calavera, also known as the Temple of Doom, was given its name due to its appearance of two eyes and the mouth of a skull from below. To view divers must float to the north side of the cenote and look towards the entrance to see the skull resemblance.  Once inside the cenote, you will see plenty of bats.

Cenote Calavera offers a thrilling diving experience bursting with rock formations, halocline, and sunlight beaming through the caverns lighting up the rooms. When the halocline is not disturbed, it looks like a sheet of glass breaking a ray of light. When something passes through it, it makes it appear as if everything is just slightly out of focus.

This beautiful cenote in Tulum Mexico is perfect for open water, through advanced divers.

Most Beautiful Cenote in Tulum Mexico

Cenote Dreamgate is known for its unmatched water clarity in addition to its stalactite, stalagmite, and columns throughout the cavern. This cenote was featured in the BBC documentary “Planet Earth”.

There are two dive circuits through the cavern, the upstream and downstream lines. The upstream line is more ornately decorated. At the midway point of the dive, divers will surface into an air pocket to marvel at the intricately decorated ceiling. On the return, the stalactites are backlit by sunlight offering beautiful views.

The downstream line offers a different experience with many tree roots penetrating the cave to absorb water. It is also fully decorated similar to the upstream line. At the furthest point in this dive, light can be spotted from the other cave.

Divers must have excellent trim control and buoyancy to maneuver between the formations. This dive is also challenging due to the complete darkness and confined spaces. This is not a suitable dive for divers who feel claustrophobic. Dreamgate is recommended for advanced divers only.


Best Cenote for Photography

Aktun Ha, also known as Carwash Cenote, is located just outside of Tulum and is named after its history as a place where locals used to wash their cars. It offers a cavern dive suitable for divers of all levels.

From above, this cenote resembles a pond. During the summer, an overgrowth of algae creates a thick orange-green layer floating on the surface. Below at around 2 meters, the water is exceptionally clear, and you can view the tree branches and roots from below. The water also changes to impressive rainbows of colors after heavy rain.

In the clear water you can spot fish, turtles, beautiful light effects, and, if you are lucky, a little crocodile.


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