Tajma Ha Cenote Diving

Tajma Ha Cenote Diving

Dive with us at Cenote Tajma Ha

Cenote Tajma Ha is a natural sinkhole located in the Riviera Maya region of Mexico, near the town of Tulum. It is a popular option for scuba divers who want to experience the unique adventure of exploring an underground cave system.

Tajma Ha Cenote Diving

The cenote is named after the Mayan word “Tajma Ha”, which is not to be confused with the Taj Mahal! Rumor has it, that the people who discovered the cenote were so taken aback by its beauty that they compared it with the Indian icon, with a Mayan twist, as ‘Ha’ means water.  The name is fitting, as this stunning cenote is surrounded by lush tropical vegetation that creates a beautiful natural setting.


What makes Cenote Tajma Ha truly unique is the cavern system that you can dive through. This system has several passages and chambers that are filled with stunning rock formations, including stalactites and stalagmites. On this dive, you also pass into Cenote Sugarbowl, and on a sunny day, can see light shine through the water like laser beams.


Scuba Diving in Tajma Ha Cenote

A  scuba diving day at Cenote Tajma Ha is for more experienced divers as there are some tighter turns and smaller spaces to navigate. (For your first cenote dive, we recommend Dos Ojos!)

For all of our cenote packages, we have expert cenote guides who will ensure that you have a memorable experience.



A Cenote Tajma Ha Scuba Diving Day

Two tanks of diving at Tajma Ha Cenote costs $140 USD

A scuba diving day at Cenote Tajma Ha includes, a briefing from our experienced Certified Full Cave Diver Guide, your cenote entrance fees, tanks, and weights, a light lunch with soft drinks, full equipmenbt rental, and transportation from your accommodation (within Playa del Carmen area) to and from the cenote.

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